Tuesday, March 1, 2016

How to fix your dead Android phone

A few months ago, my 3 years old android smartphone suddenly died after restarting, it won't turn on after i restart, i don't know why.

I remember that i don't do anything with my phone, i don't install any app, i don't do any modification to the phone, basically i use the phone normally, but suddenly it's just dead.

First, i thought it was the battery that's run out, so i charged it for one night, but in the morning the phone still won't turn on.

I was started to think about getting new phone, even though deep inside i don't want to buy a new phone, i want to use my money for something else.

So i try to take out the battery off, and then put it back on, hoping that it will work, but it's just not working, the phone still dead.

And then i try to charge the phone without the battery, means i take out the battery and plug the charger into the phone.

That's when i found out the phone started to make a small vibration, and then i just put back the battery to the phone while the phone makes small vibration.

And something magic happens, my phone is turn on, i'm so happy, my phone is back alive, i don't need to buy a new phone.

So i make a conclusion that if your android phone is suddenly dead, without any reasons, you can try the same thing i did to my phone.

How to fix your dead android phone :
  1. take out the battery off your phone
  2. plug the charger cable to your phone while there is no battery inside your phone
  3. wait until the phone makes small vibration
  4. put back on the battery to your phone
  5. press the power button 

This method is not guarantee will work 100% for every phone, but at least there is something you can try before send your phone to repair center.

Obviously this method won't work if your phone have non removable battery, because you can't take out the battery with that kind of phone.

In my case, this thing happen only when i restart my phone, it always dead after restarting, but when i turn off (shutdown) the phone, it's not happening, i don't know why, but at least i have solution for my problem.

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