Saturday, August 30, 2014

How to use terminal emulator on android

Hi, in this article i want to show you how to use terminal emulator app on android, we are going to play little bit with some linux/unix command.

First off all you need to download terminal emulator app on your phone or tablet, you can get terminal emulator app on google play store for free.

How to show list of directory and files :
To show list of directory and files you can use ls command, just like on linux. The ls command can be combined with parameters such as : ls -l, ls -a, ls -lah.

ls -l

ls -a

ls -lah
How to show working directory :
To show working directory, you can type pwd command, same as on linux and other unix system.
How to move to another directory :
To move around to another directory you can use the cd command followed by the directory name you want to go, and to go up one level you can use cd .. command.
cd [name of directory] 
for example you want to go to system directory then you type :
cd system
to go up one level you can use cd .. like this :
cd ..
How to login as super user :
There are commands that must run as root, for that you need to login as root/super user, to login as root, simply type su command. Remember your device need to be root otherwise this won't work.
For the first time you will be asking to give root permission to terminal emulator, like this :

To logout and be normal user, simply type exit command:

How to reboot/restart device :
To reboot from terminal emulator, you can use reboot command, but you must login as super user first, because this command won't work without root.
If your device have recovery mode, you can reboot to recovery mode by typing:
reboot recovery

How to exit terminal emulator :
Noticed that if you press back or home button on your device the terminal emulator stays on the background. To really close terminal emulator you must run exit command.
If you're currently logged as super user, then you'll need to run exit command twice.


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