Sunday, August 16, 2015

Instagram can make your android phone slow

I just realize that social media app such as instagram can make your android phone/tablet running very slow or laggy. 

Why this happened?? because instagram store cache data inside your internal memory on your android phone/tablet.

As we all know, on instagram we can also view videos not just picture, and those vids are stored locally for faster playback, which located on internal memory.

And if your internal memory is full or almost full, then your phone/tablet will definitely starts to slow down and very laggy.

How to solve this problem?? it's easy, you need to watch those cache data, if it's getting bigger then you need to clear that cache data.

You can see which app use how much data, by going to Settings > Apps > and then choose any app you wish to see.

For example below is instagram app on my phone, which shows huge amount of cache data (1.14 GB).

I need to clear that cache data if i want my phone running faster (no lag), simply press the 'clear cache' button.

Other app that should get your attention too is LINE, BBM, youtube, and other chat apps that uses image or even video.

This article is based on instagram app version 6.22.0, and there is no automatic cache management on this version. The developer of instagram should add this feature, so we don't have to manually clear cache data.

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