Wednesday, January 27, 2016

How to open WhatsApp on laptop/computer

Normally you open WhatsApp messenger on your smartphone or tablet, but actually you can also open WhatsApp on your laptop or desktop computer. In this article i will show you how to open WhatsApp on laptop/computer.

To open WhatsApp on a computer, you will need a computer with a web browser and a phone which have WhatsApp installed. On your computer you need to open, you will see something like this:

Step by step how to open WhatsApp on computer (WhatsApp for web)

  • on your laptop/computer/dekstop, open the url
  • on your phone open WhatsApp and then under 'CHATS' open the option menu and select 'WhatsApp Web'.

  • scan the QR code found in

  • if correct, you will see your WhatsApp contact, chat and messages on your browser

Having WhatsApp on your desktop is really convenient way of communication, you can chat while still work on your desktop/laptop computer.

~ enjoy ~

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