Sunday, March 30, 2014

How do i check my phone already root or not?

So how do i check whether my phone already root or not? that's actually stupid question, but if you're a newbie that's okay.

Basically (and logically) to best way to check whether you have sucessfuly root your phone or not is to try one of the app that required root permission.

Apps that required root access such as root explorer, titanium backup, greenify, lucky patcher, GL to SD, sixaxis controller, terminal emulator (su command) and many more.

Let me give you an example :
  • download terminal emulator app on play store (free)
  • open terminal emulator and then type su
  • if your phone already root then there will be a pop up window saying terminal emulator asking for root permission and if you grant/allow it, you'll be login as root on terminal emulator

There is also a dedicated app for checking root permission, called root checker which basically works the same way as other root required apps.

In my opinion the best way to check whether your device is already root or not is obviously try out one of the root required apps, that's the reason why you root your phone right?

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