Sunday, March 30, 2014

How to root your android smartphone

How to root your android smartphone? well this topic should be discuss specifically for each device, because each android device may have different way to root.

But there are some tools that design to work with all android devices, the one that i really use a lot on some of my devices is a program called vroot.

Root android device using vroot may not be the best, but i found it very easy to do, plus you can unroot too, so really good program i must say.

Using vroot is easy, but the bad thing is that you'll get chinese super user app plus a chinese app that i'm not sure what is it for but it should be safe to uninstall.

If you're not happy with the chinese super user app that came with vroot, you can replace with other super user app, just download from play store and follow the procedure.

Anyway, here's list of root method that i know so far :
  • vroot software (you will get chinese super user app)
  • motochopper tool (tool created by xda member, works with most jelly bean 4.1.2 devices)
  • kingo root (some people says this program also install camera app that spy on you)
  • root master (root from inside the phone, no need computer)

regardless of what root method you choose, you need to do these things (except root master) :
  • install USB driver for your specific device on the computer
  • put your device in USB debugging mode
  • and also MTP transfer mode
 ~ good luck ~

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