Friday, March 28, 2014

How to install games with data cache

There are so many games you can play on your android device (smartphone or tablet), and most of it comes with data cache.

So installing the apk it's not enough, you need to copy the game data cache to the right place in order for the game to work.

There are two most common place where usually the place for game data cache :
  • /sdcard0/Android/data or maybe /storage/sdcard0/Android/data
  • /sdcard0/Android/obb or maybe /storage/sdcard0/Android/obb
These two game data path is located on your internal storage (internal sdcard), and don't be confused with external sdcard.

Android device usually has two storage, internal sdcard (/sdcard0/) and external sdcard (/external_SD), note that each phone manufacture may named these path differently.

So depending on the game, the data cache location could be either on data or obb folder, if the data cache contains .obb file then must be the data cache is on obb folder.

NOTE : some games may need internet connection for the first time in order to work

I will show you an example, i want to install PES 2012 on my phone, so here's what i do :
  1. install the PES 2012 apk, but don't open yet
  2. copy the game data cache to /storage/sdcard0/Android/obb/, so it should be like this :     /storage/sdcard0/Android/obb/com.konami.pes2012
  3. run the game with internet connection for the first time
  4. enjoy the game
~ have fun ~

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