Saturday, March 29, 2014

How to extract apk from installed apps

In this article i'm going to show you how to get apk file from any installed apps or games on your android smartphone. An apk is the file extension for android apps, just like ipa on ios.

So after you install apps from google play store and then save the apk file so that next time you need it you don't have to install from the play store anymore, because you already have the apk file.

Extracting apk file from installed apps does not require root permission, so you don't need to root your phone to do this, all you need is an app called file expert.

File expert is basically a file manager with capability of extracting apk (backup apk) from installed apps or games on your phone.

The good thing is file expert is free to download, so go ahead download file expert on google play store or you can download from here.

Step by step how to extract/backup apk file from installed apps :
  1. open File Expert (FE)
  2. select the Apps icon
  3. select (on the checkbox) what ever app you want to extract (you can select more than one)
  4. on the bottom you will see some buttons shows up, select the backup button (the clock icon)
  5. backup window will shows up, select "Local Backup".
  6. wait until the backup process finish
  7. you can see the apk file on /storage/sdcard0/backup_apps/

File expert will create backup_apps folder on your internal storage (internal sdcard), you can find the apk file there.

Once you have the apk file, now you can copy to external sdcard or save it on your computer or even give it to someone who need it.

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